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New Technologies in Production Engineering

Mrityunjay Kumar, Anil Kumar Sharma, Rohit Kumar Sharma


The advances of the Fourth Modern Revolution are obscuring the lines between the physical, computerized and natural circles of worldwide creation frameworks. The present pace of mechanical improvement is applying significant changes in transit individuals’ lives and work. It is affecting all controls, economies and enterprises, maybe none more than creation, and how, what, why and where people create and convey items and administrations. Creation exercises, characterized as the full chain to “source-make-convey devour reintegrate” items and administrations, will be adjusted and stretched out in manners that are hard to completely conceive – from start of information sources, item plan and assembling, to dispersion, client/shopper use and components of the roundabout economy/return/reuse. Achievements in key zones are reforming the fate of creation, including man-made brainpower, applied autonomy, the web of things, self-governing vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, vitality stockpiling and quantum registering.

Keywords: Fourth modern revolution, IOT, source-make-convey devour reintegrate, smart production, technologies

Cite this Article: Mrityunjay Kumar, Anil Kumar Sharma, Rohit Kumar Sharma. New technologies in production engineering. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology . 2020; 7 (1): 1–5.

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