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Awareness and Usage of Electronic Resources by the Faculty and Students of self-finance Post Graduate engineering colleges affiliated to GTU : A Study

Nimesh Kantilal Jotangia, Jagdishchandra P. Gondalia


The study was conducted to find out the use of Electronic Resources by the students of Faculty members and students of self-finance post graduate engineering colleges affiliated to GTU. Objectives of the study were to determine the frequency of utilization, major problems users face while using e-resources, to study the purpose of use, to determine the advantages and disadvantages, and to find out the format which users usually prefer. The data was collected with the help of a questionnaire and analyzed by a simple statistical method. A total number of 625 users from the postgraduate engineering students and faculty members were selected and their response was obtained with the help of a questionnaire. According to the main findings of this research the students and faculty members seem to be very interested in using e-resources, because they use e-resources for their research, academic and teaching purpose. The main obstacles found during this study are slow internet speed, lack of ICT Infrastructure and Access has been restricted to Campus only, etc. It is also recommended that post graduate engineering colleges should arrange an orientation programme for the maximum usage of e-resources. Colleges should have to provide sufficient infrastructure and separate e-resource sections with high internet speed networks within campus.

Keywords: Electronic Resources, Library, GTU, Post Graduate Engineering Colleges, technology.

Cite this Article: Nimesh Kantilal Jotangia, Dr. Jagdishchandra P. Gondalia. Awareness and Usage of Electronic Resources by the Faculty and Students of Self-finance Post Graduate Engineering Colleges Affiliated to GTU: A Study.Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2020; 7(2): 5–13p.

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