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Analyzing the User Experience of Mobile Instant Messaging Service

Ruchika Kankaria, Nilesh Uke


Due to widespread and ubiquitous availability of smartphones, we see many Instant Messaging Services (IMS) being used by today’s youths. Instant Messaging Services on mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular and have the potential to support effective social interactions. These applications provide functionality beyond traditional short message service (SMS). Even though various IMS has been expanding vastly along with mobile technology, current applications have not sufficiently addressed the needs of all the users. Despite their prevalence, many users have very limited knowledge on user behavior and data performance of different services provided. This paper suggests some improvements in the current versions of instant messaging services available in the market. These improvements are suggested to focus on how to make the user experience while using these services better. This work intends to determine what features influence their use of the application and how the relationship of these factors isarticulated.

Keywords: Smartphone; Instant Messaging Services; Whatsapp, Short Message Service, technology

Cite this Article: Ruchika Kankaria, Nilesh Uke. Analyzing the user Experience of Mobile Instant Messaging Service.Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2020; 7(2): 1–4p.

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