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Multiple Fragment Information Gathering Using Accumulating Framework

G Selvakumar, A Saravanan


The approach of use mobile sink, has been adopted in wireless sensor networks ( WSN) and wireless sensor and actor network( WSAN) to achieve advanced efficiency in terms of gathering data from sensors. Mobility-assisted data collection brings in new opportunity to improve the energy efficiency sensor nodes. However, mobile sink also introduces new challenges such as large data collection tansy. A lot of research efforts have been devoted to reduce this latency. Cooperated with a novel partition algorithm, a succinct and a clustering framework based multiple partitioning data gathering scheme is proposed here. A given area can e alienated into several zones with balanced data gathering latency. By modeling the partitioning problem as a Traveling Salesman trouble, an algorithm is designed to balance the data gathering latency among the entire zone. Then transportable sinks are assigned to these zones separately. The data could be gathered by these mobile sinks similar thereupon. Extensive simulations are carried out assess our proposed data gathering scheme. Different distribution patterns are measured. Fictiveness of our proposed data gathering scheme is demonstrated through the simulation results.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, partitioning algorithm, energy-efficient protocols

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Selvakumar G. Saravanan A. Multiple fragment information gathering using accumulating framework. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2015; 2(3): 14–18p.

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