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Security Issues Related to Web Designing Technologies

Varun Tyagi


There are measure numerous problems takes place associated with the web designing technology. During the coming up with of web site or Web portal we'd like to follow some approach to take care of the protection within the website. For example during a web site we will use a secure server that ensuing a secure web site or we'd like to use bound steps to take care of a secure info during this secure internet coming up with is by the utilization of internet technology. In this we have a tendency to discuss the protection problems associated with PHP and therefore the database mysql. As associate example, failing to disable PHP execution for the directory where uploaded footage square measure hold on, might find you in execution of malicious, PHP embedded within uploaded footage. Another commonplace example is departure enabled the dynamic loading of PHP extensions, throughout a shared hosting atmosphere. In this paper we have all the aspects and usage of PHP alongside it’s linking ability to the remote sites and servers and put together in networking and security.

Keywords: Secure internet, web site, database, PHP, SQL

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Tyagi Varun. Security issues related to web designing technologies. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2015; 2(3): 23–26p.

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