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Design of a Technique to Improve Software Maintenance Using Fuzzy Logic

Shreesh Raj, Ritesh Kumar



Maintainability is one of the most important aspects of software development. In that, maintenance costs account for at least 60–65% of total software lifetime costs. Software quality is the most important factor in the development of any software, which can depend on many quality attributes. Fuzzy logic is one of the techniques, which can be used to establish the relationship between object oriented metrics and software maintainability. In this paper we discuss the estimation of software maintainability using fuzzy logic. In this paper, we proposed a new model using fuzzy inference system for finding the performance of software maintenance. We have used six different object oriented metrics i.e. adaptability (AD), complexity (CLX), understandability (USD), document quality (DocQ), readability (RD) and modifiability (MDY) for accessing software maintainability levels using fuzzy logic. We take triangular membership function defined in fuzzy inference system in MATLAB for these metrics in order to predict better software maintainability.


Keywords: Fuzzy logic, fuzzy inference system, complexity (CLX), adaptability (AD), understandability (USD), document quality (DocQ), readability (RD), modifiability (MDY), triangular membership function (TriMF), rule base and knowledge base

Keywords— Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Inference System, Complexity(CLX), Adaptability(AD), Understandability(USD), Document Quality(DocQ), Reaability(RD),  Modafiability(MDY), Triangular Membership Function(TriMF),Rule Base and Knowledge Base.  

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Shreesh Raj, Ritesh Kumar. Design of a Technique to Improve Software Maintenance Using Fuzzy Logic. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2016; 3(3): 21–27p.

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