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Research and Industrial Insight: Web Engineering and Technology

Sugandha Mishra


One of a Student from University of Granada (UGR) developed a software that adjust current medical innovation to investigate the inside of models. It is a device to see the inside without harming woodcarvings, and it has been intended for the reclamation and protection of the sculptural legacy. Francisco Javier Melero, educator of Languages and Computer Systems at the University of Granada and executive of the venture, says that the new programming rearranges therapeutic innovation and adjusts it to the necessities of restorers working with wood carvings. The product, called 3DCurator, has a specific viewfinder that utilizes figured tomography in the field of rebuilding and protection of sculptural legacy. It adjusts the medicinal CT to rebuilding and it shows the 3-D picture of the cutting with which it will work.

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