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Home Appliances Control Using DTMF

SAIF AHMAD, Gausul Wara Ansari, Irshad Siddiqui, Krishna Kumar Chaurasiya, Jeyaul Haque



This paper manages the utilization of the DTMF (Dual tone multi-recurrence) innovation utilized as a part of portable correspondence, progressively to control electrical apparatuses in our day by day utilize. It utilizes a DTMF decoder alongside a microcontroller to control apparatuses from an alternate area. We can work on our hardware from any separation or remote range. It is a remote hardware, yet as opposed to utilizing a different remote module (transmitter and receiver), we are utilizing the phones for this reason. The standard utilized for portable controlled gear is the deciphering of DTMF tone. A microcontroller is utilized as a control unit which gets inputs (instructions, commands) from a versatile associated through GSM. To make the association more secure, customer validation alongside, a secret word will be given to switch on/off any machines situated at controller's part, the phones are associated, and the suitable tone and watchword are entered. The tone entered is decoded by means of the DTMF decoder which additionally makes an interpretation of it into twofold values. Twofold values are the contribution to the microcontroller which confirms every one exclusively and relating yield is given at the yield terminal. In this way, when the exchange drive is started by the microcontroller, the device either gets ON or turned OFF by the essential. Our paper makes usage of auto answer office and in this way discards the need of a ring locator circuit.


Keywords: DTMF technology, microcontroller, embedded system, mobile phone, home appliances

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Gausul Wara Ansari, Irshad Siddiqui, Saif Ahmad, et al. Home Appliances Control Using DTMF. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2017; 4(1): 1–3p.

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