Research & Reviews: Discrete Mathematical Structures

Research & Reviews: Discrete Mathematical Structures (RRDMS) is a print and e-journal focused towards the rapid publication of fundamental research papers on all areas of Discrete Mathematical Structures.

Discrete mathematical structures journal deals with discrete objects. Discrete objects are those which are separated from each other like integers, rational numbers, automobiles, houses, peoples etc. are all discrete objects. Some of the major reasons that we adopt Discrete mathematics are. We can handle infinity or large quantity and indefiniteness with them which results from formal approaches are reusable.

eISSN- 2394-1979

Focus & Scope:

  • Mathematical induction
  • logic and Boolean algebra
  • set theory
  • relations and functions
  • sequences and series
  • algorithms and theory of computation
  • number theory
  • matrix theory
  • induction and recursion
  • counting and discrete probability
  • graph theory (trees)
  • Calculus of finite differences, discrete calculus or discrete analysis
  • Game theory, decision theory, utility theory, social choice theory
  • Discrete analogues of continuous mathematics
  • Hybrid discrete and continuous mathematics

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Vol 5, No 3 (2018)

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

Some Algebraic Properties of me-homomorphism of Semi graphs PDF
Paras Dineshchandra Uchat, Maitri Sutaria 27-30
Production Inventory Model for Deteriorating Products with Lifetime PDF
Rajender Kumar, Manju Pruthi, Gulshan Taneja 15-19
Control Chart for Attributes based on Inverse Rayleigh Distribution PDF
K. Kowsalya, K. Sathish Kumar, K. Arul 1-5
Characterization of topologically 1-uniform dcsl graphs and learning graphs PDF
Germina K. Augusthy, Gency Joseph, L Benedict Michael RAj 6-10
Solution of Solid Traveling Purchaser Problem Using Efficient Genetic Algorithm with Probabilistic Selection and Multi-Parent Crossover Technique PDF
Arindam Roy 20-26
Degree and Distance in 2-cartesian Product of Graphs PDF
H.S. Mehta, U. P. Acharya 11-14
Use of Matlab in Teaching The Fundamentals of Probability PDF
Bhavika M Patel, Truptiben A Desai 31-35

ISSN: 2394-1979