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Intelligent Ranking Techniques for Software Reliability Growth Models

Dr. Archana Kumar, Abhinav Juneja



Reliability is gaining a lot of importance in the modern society, be it gadgets, automation, hardware, software or any other application. We are getting dependent more on machines and so is the need for relives ability gaining more weightage. This paper focuses on software reliability and the complexity involved in the prediction of reliability of the developed software. The paper introduces various assumptions and pre-requisites for software reliability modeling. Different researchers have proposed various software reliability growth models to predict the reliability of software, but none of these models may fit for all software development scenarios. The paper explores the existing ranking and selection techniques for choosing the best model out of the available options.

Keywords: Software reliability, software quality, modeling, SRGM, failure data 

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Archana Kumar, Abhinav Juneja. Intelligent Ranking Techniques for Software Reliability Growth Models. Research & Reviews: Discrete Mathematical Structures. 2017; 4(3):      22–29p.


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