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Advanced Computable Extension of New Fractional Kinetic Equation

Manoj Sharma, A. Tyagi



The aim of this work is to find advanced computable extension of kinetic equation with fractional calculus approach. Fractional calculus originated in 1695, shortly after the inversion of classical calculus. The pioneer researchers who studied it were Liouville, Riemann, Leibniz, etc. For a long time, fractional calculus has been regarded as a pure mathematical area without applications. But, in recent decades, such type of synergism has been changed. It has been found that fractional calculus can be useful and even a powerful tool and a précis of the simple information about fractional calculus and its applications can be found in literature. The first use of a derivative of non-integer order is credited to the French mathematician S. F. Lacroix in 1819 who expressed the derivative of non-integer order in terms of Legendre’s factorial symbol G.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 33C60, 33E12, 82C31, 26A33.

Keywords: Fractional kinetic equation, new modified generalized function, Riemann-Liouville operator, Laplace transform, modified Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative operator, differential equation

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Sharma M, Tyagi A. Advanced Computable Extension of New Fractional Kinetic Equation. Research & Reviews: Discrete Mathematical Structures. 2017; 4(3): 74–80p.

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