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A Study on the Sparing Number of the Corona of Certain Graphs

K. P. Chithra, K. A. Germina, N. K. Sudev


Let  be the set of all non-negative integers and  be its the power set. An integer additive set-indexer (IASI) is defined as an injective function  such that the induced function  defined by  is also injective, where  is the sum set of  and . If , then  is said to be a -uniform integer additive set-indexer. An integer additive set-indexer  is said to be a weak integer additive set-indexer if . We have some characteristics of the graphs which admit weak integer additive set-indexers. In this paper, we study about the sparing number of the corona of two graphs. 


Integer additive set-indexers, mono-indexed elements of a graph, weak integer additive set-indexers, sparing number of a graph

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