Mass Transfer Process between The Fluid Flow and An Active Cylinder In Cross Flow

J.M.P.Q. Delgado, M. Vázquez da Silva


This paper presents a theoretical and numerical analysis applies to a cylinder in cross flow that is large in comparison with the inert particles, so that the bed may be treated as a continuum. Fluid flow in the packed bed around the cylinder in cross flow was assumed to follow Darcy’s law and the partial differential equation (PDE), resulting from a differential material balance on the solute, was analysed numerically over a large range of the relevant hydrodynamic and geometrical parameters, in order to obtain the concentration field near the soluble surface. A mathematical expression is proposed to describing the dependence between the value of the Sherwood number and the relevant variables analysed, numerically. This expression obtained is very useful for different physical situations of practical interest, such as to estimate the concentration contour plots or the contaminant distance given by the “continuous point source” solution for two-dimensional solute transport.


Mass transfer, diffusion, packed bed, numerical analyses, cylinder in cross flow

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