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A novel approach based on Genetic Algorithm for High Dynamic Range Image

Deepali Agarwal, Shilky Shrivastava


In this paper, for the purpose of acquiring ghost free high dynamic range (HDR) pictures, we introduce another methodology which is taking into account genetic algorithms. It is the combination of numerous pictures which is in view of HDR system, just on condition is utilized for work which is no development of an article and the camera when catching various, differently exposed low dynamic range (LDR) pictures. Makes three LDR pictures from a single input picture to take out such an unlikely condition which is characterized in the proposed calculation. Makes three LDR pictures from a single input picture to wipe out such a doubtful condition.

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Agarwal Deepali, Shrivastava Shilky. A Novel Approach Based on Genetic Algorithm for High Dynamic Range Image. Research & Reviews: Discrete Mathematical Structures. 2015; 2(3): 20–29p.


Genetic algorithm, HDR, LDR, edge preserving, PSNR, MSE, normalized absolute error

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