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Power Plant and Boiler Types for Automation Industries

Amit Kumar Chauhan, Vishal Sharma, Adesh Kumar


Industrial automation is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat-treating ovens, switching in telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, and other applications with minimal or reduced human intervention. Industrial boilers are systems considered to produce steam in erratic quantities for a variety of applications including space heating, process heating, sanitation, power generation and others. The paper is relating to the study about power plant automation, data acquisition, supervision and control.  It also discusses the boiler automation and different types of boiler automation system.  DCS is one of the process plant control system based on large number of control loops controlled by computer. The DCS has different closed loops based computerized control system, equipped with the help of autonomous controllers. The controllers are distributed throughout entire system against each processes and controlled by central operator.

Keywords:Boiler automation, distributed control system (DCS), power plant automation

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Amit Kumar Chauhan, Vishal Sharma, Adesh Kumar. Power Plant Boiler Types for Automation Industries. Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2018; 5(2): 1–6p.

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