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Software Testing Framework for Mobile Cloud

Manish Sharma


In this article, we discussed a number of tools and their service providers for performance and functional testing. Cloud testing is often used for performance or load testing, and not for functional testing. There are many factors that make testing in a cloud environment more attractive and better than traditional testing methods, but at the same time, it faces many problems and challenges, because the IT industry is constantly changing the latest technology, and the organization should be on one wheel to meet the needs of customers. In addition, there may be other tools available in the cloud for performance, functionality, and other types of testing. There are many automated tools available for functional testing that most organizations already use, but not all tools are implemented in a cloud environment. Many software products are moving from traditional desktop applications to online services, and software testing has the same trend, as most organizations have begun to get involved in cloud computing.Considering the huge benefits of cloud testing for small and medium-sized companies, if cloud providers make some restrictions based on customer needs to make their products the best, they can solve their problems. Cloud computing brings new testing opportunities, but is migration in the cloud appropriate? Organizations are still in a dilemma of moving tests to cloud systems. In addition, for some test tools, it is not provided by the owner of the tool, but is pre-confided in another cloud provider's machine (such as Amazon EC2) and purchased through the provider. As technology changes, so do the customer's needs, and organizations should be ready to meet their needs. Due to the limited range of paper, not all tools can be covered. In many cases, organizations must find a balance between security, performance, and cost, because not all of them can be implemented at the same time. They do not want to use any outdated technology and put themselves on the dark side. Keywords: Cloud computing, software, software testing, software complexities, securities

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Manish Sharma, Singh HP, Vibhakar Pathak. Software Testing Framework for Mobile Cloud.Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2018; 5(3): 1–10p.

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