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Study and Develop of an Effective Interface to Upload Data into ERP System

S. Venkata Prasad, K.G. Srinivasagan, V. Manimaran, V. Vivek



In today’s fast growing world, day-to-day many applications are being introduced in the market. These new applications have several advanced features when comparing to previous versions. New releases have features like performance improvement, user interface improvement, advance data base technology, web interfaces etc. So the enterprises need to change themselves in this competitive business world for financial business growth and to gain customer satisfaction. So when an organization go for application change or data base change or need of  data from other system, they need to go for major data transfer without any data loss. In this paper we proposed a target based data transformation. The proposed work performs an efficient data transfer between source and designation system, and ensure data transfer without any loss and with proper validation based on designation system data model.

Keywords- Data base, Application, Data type and structure, source system, target system.

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Venkata Prasad S, Srinivasagan KG, Manimaran V. et al. Study and Development of an Effective Interface to Upload Data into ERP System. Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2018; 5(3): 44–53p.

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