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Boot Sector Analysis of NTFS File System

Tejpal Sharma, Gaurav Goel, Jagbir Singh, Upinderpal Singh, Gagan Singla



With the vast growth of information technology, criminals are using new techniques to commit crimes that use computer systems. This study is based on the computer forensic analysis of NTFS file system that will be helpful for the collection of digital evidences related to crimes. In this study, we propose techniques that will be helpful to explore the data hidden by the criminals on the hard disk having NTFS file system that is not extracted by the system and system does not perform any check on the hidden places through its functioning. This technique is basically to check the boot sector and copy of the boot sector of partition for the hidden data that may be helpful to collect evidence related to cybercrime cases. 

Keywords: Computer forensics, NTFS, MFT, hidden data, NTFS file system vulnerabilities and data hiding.

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Tejpal Sharma, Gaurav Goel, Jagbir Singh, et al. Boot Sector Analysis of NTFS File System. Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2019; 6(1): 1–8p.

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