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Improvement in Design Aspects

Shashank Sharma, Ajay Maurya



The usage of internet has increased enormously and immensely in last few decades. Due advancement in technology, information plays a crucial role in today’s scenario everyone mostly depends on World Wide Web to attain any information. Web consists of a lot of websites of various types, whereas websites comprise of web pages which are joined together with hyperlinks. Websites become important public portal whereas proper design aspect becomes a critical element used for the success of website. For the favorable outcome of the website web design is essential part. Considering importance of design aspects of web pages, this paper focus on various parameters of aspects and design of an automated evaluation tool to evaluate the aspects of web page. The automated tool takes web page as input then checks the page for uniformity. The tool consists of normalized module which quantifies the measures of web pages. The records of elements in design are used by designers and researches for improving the relationship with users through their interfaces.

Keywords: Web Design, design aspects, web page evaluation, user interaction, website success

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Shashank Sharma, Ajay Maurya. Improvement in Design Aspects. Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2019; 6(3): 6–11p.


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