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Remote Monitoring and Controlling of Digital Signage

Dudakiya D., Zinzuvadiya T.P.


This paper is the design implementation and evaluation of a digital signage system based on a PC to display web contents (or other dynamic information) on digital displays located at one or more locations. The system will display information based upon a “playlist” that can be dynamically updated. It avoids the single point of failure of a display system, since each display has an attached processor and local storage containing both the information to be displayed and the local playlist of what is to be displayed. Additionally, the design allows content to be customized to specific local viewers. The granularity of the schedule (i.e., playlist) is much shorter than in existing digital signage systems – leading to a more visually dynamic experience for viewers. On the basis of evaluation, we strongly believe that this approach to digital signage will displace existing signage systems.

Keyword: Signage, multimedia systems, Raspbian, software architecture, front-end, back-end


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