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Coarse Grain to Mixed Grain Parallel Computing

Tirumale Ramesh


Parallel computing interests are growing again as a result of multicore processors. History of parallel computing dates back to early 1970’s when supercomputers supported high performance computing demand for scientific applications. Today, highly dense Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) chips have opened up new opportunities and challenges for parallel computing. In this article, we provide a short synopsis of an evolutionary path of parallel computing from both hardware granularity and programming point of view. The article also discusses the challenges of parallel computing to emerging big data analytics area.

Keywords: Parallel Computing, Coarse Grain, Fine Grain, Mixed-grain, Multiprocessor, Multicore, Instruction Level Parallelism, SIMD, MIMD, Data Flow, VLSI, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), Multi-FPGA, Graphic Processor Units (GPU), Big Data Analytics

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