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Privacy and Security Issues in Mobile Social Networking

M. Amsaveni


Social network information is now being used in many ways for which it may have not been originally intended. In particular, the increased use of smart phones capable of running applications which access social network information enable applications to be aware of a user’s location and preferences. However, current models for exchange of this information require uses to compromise their privacy and security. Unique security and privacy issues exist in this wireless, context-aware, often in decentralized systems. In this dissertation, the
introduction describes some growth rate, smart phone uses, social networking approaches, mobile social networking generations and challenges of mobile social networking and survey the security issues, objective, requirements, goals and security attacks. Also describes, some existing mobile social networking architecture. This resource work also finds some security issues, security attacks and provides solutions along with our proposed architecture design. Our proposed architecture design shows the framework for Short-range Wireless Connections like ‘Wi-Fi /Bluetooth’ also Wireless Wide Area Connections like ‘GPRS’. The framework consists of three components and the components consist of different managers. Our proposed algorithms give authentication to the unauthorized users and authenticate the service from various attacks. Finding of some tools to implement the system and checking of the
performance results. In this paper, it is discussed about the issues and security problem and how we need to protect the mobile network from the outside environment.

Keywords: Social network information, mobile social networking, privacy and security issues, wireless connections, networking architectural models, algorithm

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Amsaveni M. Privacy and Security Issues in Mobile Social Networking.
Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2015; 2(2): 18–34p.

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