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Parallel Programming in C++

Spardha Gupta


One of the most common question about C++ is “why doesn’t C++ support concurrency?” Sometimes, that is even phrased “Why don’t you consider concurrency important enough to be supported in C++?” Those are not the right questions. Better questions are: “how do we support concurrency in C++?” This paper gives many answers to these questions using parallel programming in OOP C++. The aim of parallel computing is to increase an application’s performance by executing the application on multiple processors. C++ supports multiplatform shared memory programming model and shared memory programs are typically executed by multiple threads. The use of multithreading can enhance the performance of application but its excessive use can degrade the most of performance. This paper also describes in detail about the backend working in parallel programming its merits and demerits.

Keywords: Parallel programming, C++, modelling, multithreading

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Spardha Gupta. Parallel Programming in C++. Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2015; 2(3): 20–23p.

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