Outlet of Models in Parallel Computing

Rajan Kumar Sharma, Megha Jindal



The approach of high performance computing (HPC) and graphics processing units (GPU), show a tremendous calculation asset for large information exchanges (huge information) that require parallel handling for hearty and incite information examination. While various HPC structures have been proposed, parallel programming models exhibit various difficulties – for example, how to completely use highlights in the distinctive programming models to actualize and oversee parallelism by means of multithreading in both CPUs and GPUs. In this paper, we take an outline of three parallel programming models, CUDA, MapReduce, and Pthreads. The objective is to investigate writing regarding the matter and give an abnormal state perspective of the components exhibited in the programming models to help elite clients with a brief comprehension of parallel programming ideas and therefore, quicker execution of enormous information ventures utilizing superior figuring.

Keywords: Parallel programming models, GPUs, Big data, CUDA, MapReduce, Pthreads

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Rajan Kumar Sharma, Megha Jindal. Outlet of Models in Parallel Computing. Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2017; 4(1): 20–29p.

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