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Methods for Online Learning Process

Shubham Chakraborty



A deliberate pursuit of the research literature is to recognize more than a thousand experimental investigations of web-based learning. Experts screened these examinations to discover those that are differentiated an online to an up close and personal condition, measured understudy learning results, utilized a thorough research plan, and gave satisfactory data to calculate an actual size. It found that, students in web-based learning conditions performed humbly superior to anything that getting eye-to-eye guideline. The distinction between student results for on the web and eye-to-eye classes—measured as the distinction amongst treatment and control implies, isolated by the pooled standard deviation—was bigger in those investigations differentiating conditions that mixed components of online and personal direction with conditions instructed completely vis-à-vis. Examiners noticed that these mixed conditions frequently incorporated extra-learning time and instructional components not got by students in control conditions. 

Keywords: E-learning methods, online training programs, learning community


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Shubham Chakraborty. Methods for Online Learning Process. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2017; 4(2): 12–17p.

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