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Utilization of PaaS and IaaS Cloud Services in Mobile Network

S. Hima Keerthi, A . Karunakar


The rapid usage of wireless devices like mobiles, smart phones, tablets etc. provide richer content and social networking interaction. But it is by limited battery lifetime of mobile devices and unstable network connections; the high quality of service expected by mobile users is not satisfied. The cloud computing technology observes the above limitations in mobile devices and supports potentially for desired mobile services. Leveraging the Cloud computing technology, we propose a new mobile video streaming framework, dubbed AMES-Cloud, which has two main parts—adaptive mobile video (AMoV) streaming, and efficient social video (ESoV) sharing. AMoV and ESoV construct a private agent to provide video streaming services efficiently for each mobile user. Here we use PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service). By this the user can interact socially while sharing the information. We use surrogate to downloading and efficient streaming mobile services. The burst transmission of data gives high energy efficiency and streaming quality.


social video sharing burst transmission, PaaS, IaaS

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