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Implementation of Metamorphic Testing for Fault Detection Ratio

Alok Kumar, Jyoti *



Metamorphic Testing (MT) assumes an immense significance amongst the various sorts of testing techniques, as this technique doesn’t require test oracle, while the existence of an oracle is often presumed in software testing. This is because MT technique is based on the some vital properties which are known as Metamorphic Relations. In this paper, an endeavor has been made to explore the significance, integration of MT with other techniques and application of MT on different types of program and software. This study finds that this technique can significantly be implemented to test the various mathematical programs on which this testing technique has been auspiciously applied. The technique also administers better impacts when integrated with other testing techniques. The results show the benefits of Metamorphic testing compared with the blackbox testing. Metamorphic testing shows consistantly improved results compared to the blackbox testing.



Metamorphic Testing, Metamorphic Relations, Test Oracle, Debugging, Semi-Proving

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