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Cloud Computing in our Life

Farjana Yesmin, Md. Eftakharul Alam


Technology has been hastly progressing over the past two decades. Highest technology and computer are the main factors. It is a service of on-need for IT. We can admittance all our programmes and documents all computer that's conjuncted to the internet. Our motive is to help organization entirely comprehened and accept new computing technology. These articles target is to confer an dissolution based on conveniences and inconveniences of cloud computing. This paper starts by presenting new device cloud computing.After explaining the service  odel,deployment model of cloud computing,this paper continues by focusing on
advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.


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Y. Farjana, Md. A. Eftakharul. Cloud Computing In Our Life. Recent Trends
in Programming Languages. 2015; 2(2): 7–12p.


Cloud computing, technology, computer, convenience, inconvenience

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