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Concepts of OOPS

Arushi Sharma, Punit Gulati


This paper aims at explaining the concept of Object oriented programming (OOP). Today, most of the software system is intended on Associate in Nursing Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm. Most programs as well as word processors, spreadsheets, information applications, and e-mail programs square measure object-oriented. Understanding the fundamentals of object-oriented style could be a requirement for extending Associate in nursing application to supply some user outlined behavior. Associate in nursing object-oriented programming language could be a programing language that supports the precepts of object-oriented programming. These days’ platform independent languages exist providing numerous advantages as well as C++, Java, and Python, additionally to languages specifically for the Microsoft Windows platform as well as Visual Basic and C#. The object-oriented ideas square measure a similar all told of the languages; solely the syntax and presentation square measure completely different. Object-oriented approaches to business software system are prevalent for quite a decade. Sadly, most undergrad and graduate engineering education still primarily focuses on procedural primarily based implementation mistreatment languages like algebraic language, that square measure typically now not sensible for development of modern large-scale applications and their extension by the tip user. shift from a procedural to Associate in Nursing object-oriented paradigm usually needs some effort since the thought method is completely different.

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Arushi Sharma, Punit Gulati. Concepts of OOPS. Recent Trendss in Programming languages. 2015; 2(3): 21–23p.


Oops, ADT, objects, class

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