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Enhanced Security for Autonomous Mobile Mesh Networks Using Crypto Algorithm

A. Renupriya, S. Parimala


Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are ideal for situations where a fixed infrastructure is unavailable or infeasible. Today’s MANETs, however, may suffer from network partitioning. This limitation makes MANETs unsuitable for applications such as crisis management and battlefield communications, in which team members might need to work in groups scattered in the application terrain. In such applications, inter-group communication is crucial to the team collaboration. To address this weakness introduce in this paper a new class of ad hoc network called Autonomous Mobile Mesh Network (AMMNET). Unlike conventional mesh networks, the mobile mesh nodes of an AMMNET are capable of following the mesh clients in the application terrain, and organizing themselves into a suitable network topology to ensure good connectivity for both intragroup and inter-group communications. Here propose a distributed client tracking solution to deal with the dynamic nature of client mobility, and present techniques for dynamic topology adaptation in accordance with the mobility pattern of the clients. Our simulation results indicate that AMMNET is robust against network partitioning and capable of providing high relay throughput for the mobile clients.

Keywords: AMMNET, Delay tolerant network, RFID, DTN, WMN, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Structured Group Mobility Model (SGMM)

Cite this Article A. Renupriya, S. Parimala. Enhanced Security for Autonomous Mobile Mesh Networks Using Crypto Algorithm. Recent Trends in Programming languages. 2016; 3(1): 17–24p.

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