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Retrieval of Secure Data Using One Time Password

Himanshu verma


Characterization and taking care of the issue of viable and secure positioned catchphrase seek over scrambled cloud information. Positioned look significantly improves framework, ease of use by giving back the coordinating documents in a positioned request with respect to certain pertinence criteria (e.g., catchphrase recurrence), subsequently make one stage nearer towards down to earth organization of privacy-saving information, facilitating administrations in cloud computing. To enhance the security for the information recovery from cloud environment, the onetime password is utilized. The one time password is sent to the client mail to see the unique information. The model shows the querying process over the distributed computing base utilizing secured and encoded data, get to and ranking over the outcomes would advantage the user for the showing signs of improvement results.

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Himanshu Verma. Retrieval of Secure Data Using One Time Password. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2016; 3(2): 19–24p.


Ranked search, privacy-preserving, cloud computing, one time password, querying process

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