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Computerized Portable DSO

Adasule Maya B., Bidkar Yogita Y, Nalage Prajakta T, H. D. Khairnar



Oscilloscopes which are accessible might be CRO or DSO (digital storage oscilloscope) is not helpful, easy to understand, not compact, and requires more power utilization. On the off chance that we are doing any examination with respect to any circuit, then to see its combination we move towards oscilloscopes. In this way, if oscilloscopes can be convenient with the assistance of android as a working framework, at whatever point we need to see our alluring waveform, it is in our grasp, we are building up the continuous use of android oscilloscopes. This paper displays the plan and execution of a minimal effort, versatile, light weight; low power, double channel oscilloscopes, comprising of an equipment gadget and a product application. The gadget is furnished with a Bluetooth module to give availability to a gadget with Bluetooth, running the android operating system (OS), to show the waveforms.

Keywords: AVR controller, Digital storage Oscilloscope, USB, software device (PC)

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Adasule Maya B., Bidkar Yogita Y., Nalage Prajakta T. et al. Computerized Portable DSO. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2017; 4(1):   6–10p.

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