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Review of a Programming Language: Python

Bhavin Suthar



In the most recent decade we have seen the development of advancements, for example, libraries, Object Orientation, programming engineering and visual programming. The shared objective of these advancements is to accomplish programming reuse. Even though, numerous huge advances have been made in territories, for example, library plan, area examination, metric of reuse and association for reuse, there are yet uncertain issues, for example, part between operability and structure outline. We have researched the utilization of translated dialects to make a programmable, dynamic condition in which parts can be entwined at an abnormal state. This work has shown the advantages of such an approach and has shown us about the elements of the translated dialect that are vital to a fruitful segment mix.


Keywords: Python, computing language, software, visual solution, AVS (Advanced Visualization System).

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Bhavin Suthar. Review of a Programming Language: Python. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2017; 4(1): 11–15p.

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