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A Review of Retail Process of E-Commerce

Rahul Kumar



Perspectives proliferate on the effect of the Internet and online business on conventional types of retailing. Situations run from one viewpoint, the practically add up to demolition of existing physical retailing to, on the other, restricted if any effect upon “genuine” retailing. Despite intemperate buildup, spectacular failures, the horde of clashing perspectives, crystal-ball looking web based business procedures and techniques give the possibility to a central reassessment of how retailing works and how retailers act. Without question, the current methods for working and the related cost structures inside retailing will be reassessed under the assault of innovation and new retail structures. This paper reviews the published proof on the effect of e-commerce on the retail procedure. It surveys the circumstance instead of presenting new proof. The emphasis is on the procedure as it underpins B2C movement and how retail procedures and methods could be influenced by internet business, as opposed to a pre-occupation with deals affect through customary stock and item area typologies. Three conclusions are drawn. To begin with, the biggest retailers are currently seeking after Internet-empowered favorable circumstances and cost diminishments in operations, which could mean an improved aggressive position in process, structure and relationship terms. Besides, customer responses to the new genuine and virtual offers will be major to their prosperity and disappointment, however, up 'til now purchaser responses are not completely caught on. Thirdly, existing retail floorspace will require upgrade in quality and introduction on the off chance that it is to keep on providing retail works. 

Keywords: Internet, E-commerce, Retail, Processes, Review

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Rahul Kumar. A Review of Retail Process of E-Commerce. E - Commerce for Future & Trends. 2017; 4(2): 48–60p.

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