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Disruptive Technologies Shape Business in Years Ahead

Rohit Nayek, Atul Rawat


While formalize the marvel of disruptive innovations that at first serve disconnected market specialties and, as they develop, extend to displace standard technologies from standard fragments. Utilizing a model of horizontal and vertical separation with discrete client division, to demonstrate how the risk of disturbance relies upon such factors as the rate of technology advances, the quantity of firms utilizing every innovation, and the capacity of firms to cost segregate and also to demonstrate that the potential for mergers to modify the limits of rivalry has imperative ramifications for assessing their effect on social welfare and firm benefits.

Keywords: Disruptive, business, technologies, digital.

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Rohit Nayek, Atul Rawat. Disruptive Technologies Shape Business in Years
Ahead. E-Commerce for future & Trends. 2018; 5(1): 1–3p.

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