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Consumer Marital Status affecting their Online Buying Preferences

Amit Kishore Sinha


This research work aims to study the effect of consumer’s marital status on their preferences towards online buying of goods. Research work focuses that among seven service marketing mix components (product, price, place, promotion, process, people and physical evidence) which factors are influenced by consumer’s marital status. Primary data from the respondents against twenty eight statements related to service marketing mix components have been collected and analysed against marital status of the respondents. An analysis has been done using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) for different sub-factors of seven service marketing mix components.

Keywords: Marriage, online buying, consumer behaviour, demographic factors

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Amit Kishore Sinha. Consumer Marital Status affecting their Online Buying
Preferences. E - Commerce for Future & Trends. 2018; 5(1): 30–37p.

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