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Analysing Production Problems Faced by small COIR units by using E-commerce Technology

K Karuppasamy


The article discloses the application of analysing a production problems faced by small coir units  by using e-commerce technologies. .Coir industry in India is an agro-based, village and cottage industry.  Despite of favourable contribution to employment and income of the people and country’s economy in innumerable ways, the coir sector does not get the required support from the government, banks, financial institutions and other lending institutions in order to provide quality goods and services, to meet the competition, to create demand and to attract customers in both National as well as International markets. Even though the Coir Sector has potentials in India, they are facing a number of problems. The study revealed that on the basis of mean scores, inadequate finance ranked first which secured mean score as 70.74 which was found to be higher than any other problems

Key words:Coir,Agro-based,industry and makets

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K. Karuppasamy. Analysing Production Problems Faced by Small Coir Units by using E-commerce Technologies. E - Commerce for Future & Trends. 2018; 5(2): 6–8p.

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