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A Study on Cost of Production of Coir Fibre for the Micro and Small Coir Units in and around Tirunelveli District

K Karuppasamy


The present study will throw light on manufacturing and marketing of coir units and their economic viability, which would enable other activities. The results obtained from the study would be useful in making suggestions to the manufacturers to overcome the constraints in the production and marketing process of coir units. The problems identified in the study would help the policy makers to develop right policy package to overcome the constraints faced by the coir units. Therefore, the study has been undertaken to know various aspects of coir industry in Tirunelveli district. The study revealed that in the case of micro units, the variable cost accounted for Rs. 22,420.73 (90.91%) and the fixed cost accounted for Rs. 2240.93 (9.09%). Regarding small units, the variable cost constituted Rs. 20,780.37 (86.35%) and the fixed cost constituted Rs. 3284.10 (13.65%). In the overall category, the variable cost and fixed cost stood at Rs. 43,201.10 (88.66%) and Rs. 5525.03 (11.34%).


Keywords: Coir, Prospectus, Problems, Fiber


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K. Karuppasamy. A Study on Cost of Production of Coir Fiber for Micro and Small Coir Units in and around Tirunelveli District. E - Commerce for Future & Trends. 2018; 5(3): 25–27p.

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