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Ethernet Through Industrial Parameter Monitoring

Ashish K Bokarvadia, Prof. Vishal Vora


In today’s world networking is important part of industrial automation in monitoring of industrial process parameters. To provide this automation we propose a system which uses ARM Processor with Ethernet controller. Monitoring of industrial process parameter is complete system in which sensors are used to collect the data from the actual industrial environment. This actual environment may be the boiler, chemical tank, nuclear reactor or furnaces etc. whose temperature we have to monitor over the Ethernet. The accuracy of data collection depends on type of sensor and process whose parameter is to be monitored. In case of nuclear reactor the accuracy should be high, where as in case of furnaces less accuracy can be acceptable. If we need to connect more serial devices at a time with high data rate at a time which makes the data processing somewhat difficult due to which system performance is poor. Another important factor is distance between sensor and host device, as the distance increases, the length of wire increases, which increases the drop.


Embedded Ethernet, ARM Processor, Web Server.

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