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Creating a Platform for Merchants and Consumers to Create and Seek Potential Offers

Babita Bhagat, Shefali Joshi, Sukhada Kamtikar, Girish Korade


In today’s day and age, the extensive application of E-commerce technology and the continuous upgrading of the consumption model have made online shopping an indispensable part of our lives. To gain breakthroughs and market opportunities, traditional retailers have opened up online retailing. However, with the adjustment of urban industrial layout and the increasing diversification of urban industry and commercial development model, the urban distribution has presented characteristics of multiple varieties, small batches, and high frequency. To meet the various delivery requirements of customers, many E-commerce companies have launched a series of logistic services. This has just made the traditional retailers’ business harder. Retail companies are slowing down now more than ever. The one thing which can be noted down here is that the reasons behind traditional businesses being slowed down isnot one, it can be seen that they are unaware, as in they havenot tapped into their real potential, with the times changing. With growing number of internet users, varied offers across e-commerce platforms helps the consumer have a better shopping experience. This level of awareness, if created properly amongst the traditional businesses, may help boost their business. Hence, there is a need for a platform for traditional retailers to help them to grow their business which would in a long run help them.


E-commerce, local vendors, traditional retailers, business

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