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Change in Education Scenario Due to COVID

Darshil Jain, Akshara Pareek


It is the research for 320 million learners ofIndia that have been affected enormously, and this situation is raised by the logical decision of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Equity of education for all the learners has vanished as institutions and organizations halted in which educational institutions like schools, colleges, and coaching also played a vital role. Attack of COVID-19 has been called destructive for the world as well as for India too as its upheaval Indian economy, health status, socialization, and education infrastructure and becomes a great challenge for India. But along with the spread of coronavirus, the concept of e-learning, healthcare practices, the importance of online networking, and many technological advancements took place across the nation. This research work exposes the steps taken by the government of India during this unimaginable time for maintaining the education system; and both the bad and well happenings with developing country India and its citizens. This content attracts the attention of concerned activists and responsible authorities towards the issues being faced by the people and suggests some fruitful ways to handle this situation in a better way.


Education, COVID-19, impact, Govt. of India, e-learning

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