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Contribution of Humanity to Develop Society and Culture

Arunabha Bhaumik


From very old age, when human being lived in the forest, they collected their food and other necessary goods from forest by themselves. Gradually they felt to live together for save themselves from the attack of the danger animals that lived in the forest also. From this time slowly emerged society within themselves. They left cave living, they learnt to make house, began to cultivate. In this way they became civilized. With the advent of civilization, they discovered so many useful and essential elements with the help of science. Gradually they learnt how to write and speak to each other. They discovered geographical area of the world, solar system and ultimately with the passage of time we reached to the modern world. Humanity grows from cave living and also culture emerged to the society. Government system emerged. No government could avoid their responsibility for the upliftment of the human beings. Human being developed themselves from very old age in this way.


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Humanity, culture, government responsibility, society, science

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