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An Indepth Study of Demographics and Psychographics of Online Shoppers

Mamta Mohan, Kavita Tandon


With rapid advancement being made in the technology, the cost of accessing internet from remote corners is drastically coming down. This is a chief push factor for adopting internet. Coupled with high levels of internet literacy than ever before, a lot of retail transactions are happening over internet. Not to miss the fact that consumers can browse and compare the entire assortment with minimal effort, inconvenience or time investment. Also, internet provides a level of anonymity needed in purchase of certain sensitive items. This must translate into increased sales; however, Indian shopper embraces shopping as a family activity and also looks for personalized attention when purchasing something tangible –which he wants to see, feel and try. This paper attempts to capture consumer psychographics of the online shoppers and the issues consumers face while shopping online. It was found that half of the sample indulged in online shopping at least once a month and spent on an average Rs. 2000–5000 monthly on online shopping. Convenience, cash on delivery and comparison among multiple brands were rated as the most attractive features for indulging in online shopping. Salaried and self-employed professionals constituted almost half of the respondents to online shopping and 60% were between 18 and 35 years of age. Electronic Gadgets, Books and Travel bookings are top three sites visited by online shoppers, while online shopping of Jewellery and Spectacle frames/Lenses is the least.

Keywords: Online Shopping, e-retailing, convenience and experience orientation, touch and feel, comparison among wide variety of brands


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Mamta Mohan, Kavita Tandon. An Indepth Study of Demographics and Psychographics of Online Shoppers. E - Commerce for future & Trends 2015; 2(1): 19–34p.

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