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Impact of Mall Atmospherics on Customer Perceptions

Mamta Mohan, Kavita Tandon


Appropriate ambience is a major pull towards a fulfilling and wholesome shopping experi-ence. Mall atmospherics comprising of the color scheme, layout, odour, music and others (parking facilities, food courts, multiplexes, kids’ area, marketing and promotion events etc.) all go a long way in creating a lasting image/impression of a mall in the mind of a shopper. Since, shopping at a mall is no longer seen as a boring chore but as a leisure activity that you look forward to, after a long day at work, so the right combination of soothing music, vibrant colours, pleasant odours; all add up to having a memorable experience and hence work as a magnet to attract a shopper. It is important for mall managers today to ensure that the image they wish to convey through the mall atmospherics is in sync with the product offering of stores at the mall. A number of research studies have been done in the past to study the corre-lation between optimum mall atmospherics and purchase behaviour of shoppers, continued mall patronage, time spent at the mall and consumer loyalty in the long run.

Keywords: Atmospheric cues, mall atmospherics, mall patronage, purchase behaviour

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Mamta Mohan, Kavita Tandon. Impact of mall atmospherics on customer perceptions. E-Commerce for Future & Trends. 2015; 2(3): 4–13.

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