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A Novel Technique Reduce Image Encryption And Decryption Time With Using Parallel Processing

Chauhan E.


Electronic commerce commonly known as e-commerce, trade in products using the internet. Security at the e-commerce becomes more and more important. For example, if you pay through the internet you want to be sure, that nobody can get your payment information. To prevent the misuse of personal data in the field of online banking. Public key biometric identification is a sequence of bytes used to authenticate, biometric identifications are built by assigning a cryptographic hash function to a public key. Since, biometric identifications are lower than the keys they refer to, they can be used to disentangle certain key management functions. In this paper, we have proposed a new algorithm to make an e-commerce transaction more secure. In our work, we are using AES to encrypt data and this data is embedded to image edges to perform steganography. This paper targets on compress at the time of encryption and decryption adopting parallel processing on which AES will be applied freely.

Keywords: AES, e-commerce, steganography, algorithm, encryption and decryption

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Chauhan E. A Novel Technique Reduce Image Encryption And Decryption Time With Using Parallel Processing. E - Commerce for Future and Trends. 2015; 2(3): 27–34p.

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