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Approach to Wireless LTE* 4G Communication

Makwana Yashwant, AM Kothari


The modern communication system is aimed to reach the real world one environment from virtual worldvia connecting resources of one with another through social network system. The communication processis aggravated various infrastructural Developments to reach in this current level such as 3Gand4G communication system.The user expectation also increased to meet their personal and social applications. Theusers are try to integrate the personal and social network technology with real time operations for theirpersonal and business objectives.This paper is provides technological features of an existing 4Gcommunication technology and its architecture to integrate the social networking process.

Keywords: 4G Communication system architecture, social networking architecture, adaptive modulation and coding (AMC), open distributed Ad-Hoc wireless network

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Makwana Yashwant, AM Kothari. Approach to wireless LTE* 4G Communication. E - Commerce for future & Trends. 2015; 2(3): 14–19p.

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