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A Novel Approach to Reduce Image Retrieval Problem Using Gabor Transform, Wavelet Transform and Euclidean Distance Measure

Ekta Chauhan


In the processing of image, pattern recognition and computer vision, the image retrieval is a most famous research area. Our paper presents a new method in CBIR through merging the low level feature i.e. texture, color and shape features. At first, we transform the color space from RGB model to HSV model, and then extract color histogram to form color feature vector. CBIR is the process where search of image is done by using content of image. That content is color, texture, shape and layout of an image. In this paper, we use different feature extraction techniques with contribution based clustering algorithm to retrieve the similar images from database.


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Ekta Chauhan. A novel approach to reduce image retrieval problem using gabor transform, wavelet transform and euclidean distance measure. E-Commerce for Future & Trends. 2016; 3(1): 10–15p.

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