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Designing a Decision Support System for Placement Service(s) in Technical Institutions

Durgesh Sharma, Rashi Goel


Placement service decision support system (PSDSS) is an effective tool for better and quick decision making for all activities of placement service, which includes data entry, record keeping, record searching which further includes selection of company, visit of company to campus, areas of interest, human resource management task, etc. Concept of placement service is well known in any organization or institute. In this paper, we present PSDSS, which makes all above mentioned tasks more efficiently, and indirectly helps organization in better cost-benefit, as most of the tasks which were done manually are automated with PSDSS. We have developed this system keeping in mind particularly for the students of Bachelor of Science (BCA) course. The system is tested and implemented successfully at CIMT College, Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, India. The system maintains high levels of security. It has two levels of security: user level and administrative level. The general users can access the system through their user name and passwords, while the administrator login will be different from the user, i.e. there will be two types of login information which will be allotted to the users. There are restrictions to the user. General users will be allowed to view, change, delete or update limited data while the administrative user will have all types of permissions on the database.

Keywords: Placement service, company search, HR manager

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