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Development of Simulation Model for Service Industry: A Case Study

B. Murali Manohar


A simulation model for a hospital system was developed by authors to study the activities in a large hospital located in Tamil Nadu state. Patients wait for certain services during their stay in hospital due to many reasons. Two important services have been identified viz. authorization of admission at Private Patient Service Facility (PPSF) and allotment of bed at the wards. The data with respect to arrival time and the service time were collected at these two service points. Simulation model developed was used to identify the patient waiting time for service, the clerks/ward nurses' idle time etc. Further, the pattern of occupation of bed, after getting admission slips and the pattern of departure after discharge instruction were also observed and simulated. Simulation reports indicate the waiting time of bed and the waiting time of patient for occupying a bed. If the bed is vacant it is a financial loss for the organization. Hence, the authors feel that the simulation report can be used by the hospital authorities for planning various services and other operational aspects of the hospital. A ‘C’ program has been developed for the simulation and the computerized simulated data has been presented here.

Keywords: Simulation Model, PPSF, planning

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Murali Manohar B. Development of Simulation Model for Service Industry – A Case Study. E - Commerce for Future & Trends. 2016; 3(2): 1–8p.


Simulation Model, PPSF, planning

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