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Various Approaches of Privacy Preserving in Data Mining: A Review

Priyanka Pachauri, Unmukh Datta



Data mining devices aspire to find valuable examples from vast measure of data. These patterns constitute information and are conveyed in selection trees, clusters or association rules. The information determined by the means of numerous data mining strategies can also comprise of private records approximately human beings or business. Preservation of privacy is a big thing of data mining and as a consequence has a look of attaining a few data mining desires without losing the privacy of the people’. The evaluation of privacy preserving data mining (PPDM) algorithms need to bear in mind the consequences of those algorithms mining the outcomes in addition to preserving privacy.

Keywords: Data mining, privacy preserving technique, taxonomy preserving technique

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Priyanka Pachauri, Unmukh Datta. Various Approaches of Privacy Preserving in Data Mining: A Review. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2017; 4(2):      1–8p.

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